Water is provided by Yorkshire Water on the mains system, to try to keep costs to a minimum, water butts are distributed through out the allotment for the use of all plot holders, Another way to save water is for sheds and greenhouses to have guttering fixed with a down pipe going into a water butt to collect any rain water. The water is switched off between the months of October and March in case of frost damage. Sprinklers and hose pipes are not allowed on site. Should any plot holder notice any pools forming or leaking pipes, please inform a member of the committee so repairs can be made.

    Sheds / Greenhouses

    Plot holders, who have been allocated a shed that belongs to the site, are responsible for the upkeep ie any repairs and painted every two years .Plot holders are responsible for greenhouses which are allocated to them by ensuring any glass is replaced if broken. Any plot holder wishing to erect a shed or greenhouse, please check with the Secretary as to the correct positioning of such buildings, as they must be aligned with all other sheds and greenhouses on site. No permanent bases are to be placed for the erection of sheds ( no concrete bases are allowed). Paving slabs may be used, all such structures are to be well secured to these, as Pine Streets location is a wind tunnel.


    Bonfires are only allowed on the site during the months of October and March. Our allocated day for having bonfires is Tuesday, between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00. If in doubt please check the notice board. All material must be dry and dead so as not to cause smoke Please do not burn anything toxic--plastics tyres roofing felt etc    , as to  affect the local residents, on leaving the site, all bonfires must be extinguished Please do not light any bonfires near to sheds or other plot holders allotments, as to cause a nuisance, never allow children near to bonfires at any time .  Try to choose a calm day if lighting a fire , please do not loose this facility by breaking the rules. Please no Tipping on any part of the site

    Neglected Plots

    At the onset most people are full of enthusiasm at getting an Allotment and grow some very good crops .
    However,in some cases this enthusiasm wanes and Plots fall into disuse This may come from watching many of the TV Programmes who make it look very easy or the amount of work  involved in running an Allotment was underestimated a change in work or life style may affect or occur ,  it would be appreciated if you would let us know quickly if you do decide to resign so that we could relet it to someone on the long waiting list .
    The Committee do periodic inspections around the site and if  it is noticed that a particlar plot is becoming neglected then that person will be sent a formal letter or be spoken to by a member of the Committee  asking you to give it some attention and will be re- inspected on a set date , I f after this date still no action has been taken then a further letter will be sent again requesting that it be cleaned up by a set date, If no action has been taken then the third letter will give you notice to remove all your Belongings Tools Crops EtcTHIS ACTION WILL ALL TAKE PLACE OVER A PERIOD OF 4 WEEKS .
    Please let us know if you are Sick in Hospital or gone to the Bahamas on holiday for 6 Months . PLEASE READ YOUR TENANCY AGREEMENT CAREFULLY .


    The Allotment site has Libility Insurance this covers anyone who has an Accident only, this insurance does not cover Vandalism or Theft of tools or Crops .


    Rents are determined on a yearly basis by the Committee and are due to be paid on or before the 21 February each year It Makes the Treasurer/Secretarys job much easier if you pay on time on receipt of the bill by cheque ( payable to PINE STREET ALLOTMENTS  anyone who fails to pay this rent by the laid down date then a reminder letter will be sent  ,If still no payment is forth coming    Then it will be deemed you no longer wish to carry on with your Allotment  a letter will be sent asking you to clear all your Tools, Crops etc from the site.


Plot Size and Age affect the amount that has to be paid , Senior Citizens Ladies 60 and men 65 do get consessionary rates  so please let us know when you reach these magic milestones


    It is the responsibility of all Plot Holders to ensure they maintain and Mow the Grass footpathes round there respective plot all footpathes are to be of a width of at least 2'  foot and level for easy walking .
    The Main tracks to the Allotment are Mown and Maintained by the Committee
    The Large gates to the site are locked during the months of October through to March this is to protect the tracks from damage and rutting when wet,The main gate to the Allotment has a metal post inserted into the ground which is locked in position , the gate can be opened for access and wheel barrows only.
     When the tracks are very wet after torrential rain  the Committe may post notices to say the tracks are closed until further notice


    We do occasionally get spates of Vandalism /Theft  You are advised not to leave attractive items lying about or Locked away in Sheds please take them home and bring them down as and when required .
    Please let me know of any instances of Theft or Vandalism so i can report it to the Local Police.

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